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American Legion Post 178 wins national media contest for second year

Frisco, TX

The Peter J Courcy American Legion Post 178 website ( was awarded first place in the 2022 American Legion Media Alliance (TALMA) national media contest. This is the second year in a row the Post 178 website has won this award.

TALMA is composed of current members of all branches of the American Legion Family. Four website categories based on membership size were judged on site design, links and appropriateness of information as it related to the American Legion Family. Since Post 178 currently has more than 600 members, it was judged in the 250–749-member category.

Other categories included membership sizes of up to 249 and over 750. The Public Relations Committee, which maintains the site, includes veterans Eric Bonar, Larry Wilhelm, Terry Meyering and Ed Reed. Delbert Parsons, Post 178 commander, said “I am so proud of our public relations committee. It’s a challenge to win this award once, but twice in a row speaks to a great the team effort.”

The website stood out in its ability to convey information in an appealing modern format. It masterfully combined visual appeal with ease of use and easily highlighted current news and updates.

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