Mr. Fitz sitting with directors of the Memorial Military Museum standing behind him.


Honoring a World War II veteran


On a Saturday afternoon in June, a longtime member of American Legion Post 2, while surrounded by his family, friends and fellow veterans along with members of Post 2, was honored at the Bristol Historical Society by the local Memorial Military Museum. Mr. Robert “Dick” Fitz, 97 years young and a Navy World War II veteran, was honored with a showing of a video created using pictures he took from his four years in World War II along with WWII wartime newsreel footage. It covered his travels around the world. Mr. Fitz did the narration in his video himself.
During the war he was part of the Merchant Marine Guard. It was called by the Navy “Arm Guard.” It was a small group of sailors, 28 to 30 per group, who manned some 10 small-bore guns on merchant ships to protect them from German bubs and aircraft attacks.
After the showing Mr. Fitz asked all veterans who attended to stand, and he saluted them.
Inside the Memorial Military Museum, he talked about the items he donated from his days in World War II.
He also signed a WWII helmet for the Iwo Jima/World War II Military Museum, which was there to lend a hand with honoring Mr. Fitz. .
A few months back, when Mr. Fitz figured he could no longer drive, he donated his car to The American Legion's national level. Proceeds from the sale were used to help veterans across this nation.

Mr. Fitz with the helmet he signed.

Mr. Fitz telling his grandkids about the items he donated.

Mr. Fitz saluting fellow veterans.

Mr. Fitz sitting with family and friends.

Fellow World War II veterans also attended.
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