From Mail to Mountain

"From Mail to Mountain" is a detailed portrayal of the daily life of an Army private, Chuck Jackson, who served in World War II. The author used documented activities researched from original company-level morning reports along with stories his father told, to envision and develop dialogue between soldiers of the 86th Mountain Infantry Regiment, 10th Mountain Division as they engaged the German army during the North Apennines and Po River campaigns in Italy. "From Mail to Mountain" is interesting, riveting and authentic. You won’t want to put it down until you’ve finished reading it! More information, along with many pictures of WWII artifacts and a Wall of Honor, can be found at The author welcomes additional pictures of WWII 10th Mountain Division soldiers for inclusion on the Wall of Honor.

Highly acclaimed by military leaders and others!
….. a great honor to every 10th Mountain Division soldier, past and present
….. wonderfully crafted, with historically accurate profiles
….. meticulously researched, factually grounded, and heartfelt tribute
….. extremely well written and difficult to put down

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