Reflections of Our Gentle Warriors

I have a passionate project of interview and preserving the stories veterans. I have done approximately 500 interviews to date. From these interviews I took out 70 (in honor of the 70th anniversary of the war’s end) from the World War II section, re-watched them, wrote an essay on each, and bundled them into a book entitled, “Reflections of Our Gentle Warriors”.

Much like my project, my approach of this book was not one of facts and figures, but one of personal experiences and perspectives. The book gives an overview of the war, covering both theaters and experiences from all the branches. It was written for those who enjoy WWII or military history. It is also written for those, especially the younger generations, who don’t know much about the very important period of time in our history. Hopefully it will be a gateway drug, if you will, for them to want to go on and learn more.

The book is available via the publisher: ,,, or through your local favorite bookstore.

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