Forgotten Warriors

I am a ninety one year old veteran of WWII who feels that those of us who fought in the Pacific have been forgotten. So, I have taken it upon myself to express that in a book titled " Forgotten Warriors: The Amphibious March Across the Pacific During World War II"

The book has been released this month (June,2016) and is available at all fine book outlets, Amazon etc. And, at as well as The book makes no attempt to degrade any of the accomplishments of our troops in the European Theater but simply points out that we celebrate Normandy every year but you never hear of Tinian, Peleliu, Tarawa etc.

The fact is that we who fought in the Pacific when compared to our European counter parts were 5 times more likely to be killed, 3 times more likely to be wounded and 2 times as likely to being a POW. The book also provides a description of my life as a gunner's mate on the USS J. Franklin Bell (APA 16) during 4 major battles in the Pacific



The American Legion

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