What is a Veteran Anyway?

Veteran’s Day is a wonderful holiday for citizens to recognize the brave men and women who keep us free! As an elementary teacher for ten years, I found few children’s books for teachers and parents to use, that really encompassed what Veteran’s Day really means.

This illustrated book is designed for teachers, parents, and children of all ages to be able to witness and understand the sacrifices and comradery that veteran’s experience. It emphasizes what veterans go through on a daily basis in a simple to read format.

Most importantly, it is written based on my 15 years of service in the U.S. Army, including a one year tour in Baghdad, Iraq during the first year of the war. This life changing experience is portrayed within the book in a way that non-military authors cannot describe or explain without living the life of a soldier under the extreme conditions faced by combat veterans.

The aim is to allow children to relate their own life experiences to the everyday sacrifices veterans make whether deployed overseas or training in peacetime.

Information can be found at: at www.robertsnyderbooks.com or by emailing the author at robert.snyder21@gmail.com.

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