"Korea, No Longer Will They Be Forgotten"

My poem "Korea, No Longer Will They Be Forgotten" is about the Korean War which my Dad, Peter J. Mariotti was a Veteran of. This poem is included in my new poetry book, "Red, White and Blue" a collection of patriotic poems about the wars, the soldiers, the flag, the Presidents, some of the former members of Congress, the policemen, the firemen, the paramedics and 9/11.

If you'd like to order the book, contact me at celinem@aol.com.

Korea, No Longer Will They Be Forgotten

brave young men they were,
gallant and courageous,
marching into the rice paddies,
full fields on their backs,
this foreign land with mountains,
and a people divided by ideology,
these brave young men,
most of them just boys,
stepped into the battlefield,
to fight someone else's war,
many were taken prisoner,
some died along the way,
the others returned home,
and no one ever mentioned that war again,
but now they will be honored,
for they were heroes one and all,
this monument will be everlasting,
a memory of their war,
a reminder of their bravery,
and of those they left behind,
the Korean War,
no longer forgotten,
a victory in the South,
but not in the North,
but freedom was given to half a nation,
who are forever indebted,
to these heroes,
who are now finally,
being remembered,
these statues of the soldiers,
will help to tell the story,
of how these heroes,
fought a war,
and never asked for glory.
they fought for Uncle Sam, ,
these soldiers of Korea,
are remembered by us all,
the Korean Conflict,

Celine Rose Mariotti

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