Bonanza Buddy Flight

On July 5th 1965, I, along with two other Vermonter's arrived for basic training at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.

The three of us were assigned to a Flight Nicknamed, "The Bonanza Buddy Flight", which was composed of recruits from the Los Angles California area.

Apparently, the Western TV Show, Bonanza, was being used to promote recruitment for the Air Force in California. Everyone was advised that television stations from LA would be visiting the Flight to review our progress in basic military training. Our Drill Instructor warned the Vermonter's not to reveal where we were from and just pretend we were from California.

The day the TV crews arrived and began taping their story, a reporter approached me and asked where I was from in LA and I responded Rutland. Confused, the reporter asked me to clarify for the audience where Rutland actually was.

I got nervous and told the truth that Rutland was in Vermont. The taping stopped immediately while the TV crew inquired from the Air Force officials why a Vermonter was in the Bonanza Buddy Flight.

Life got a little rough between me and the Drill Instructor from that day until I finished basic training.

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