Two Flags

Two Flags

An American flag, tattered and torn,
had come to it’s end of it’s time.
Standing by was a brand new flag,
young and in it’s prime.

The old flag served it’s country well.
How proudly it had flown.
It touched the hearts of many
who call this land their own.

The new flag, asked respectfully,
“Old flag, what should I know,
before they take you down
and hoist me high upon your pole?”

The old and tattered flag
whose life was at it’s end,
said “ just fly high and proudly,
my glorious young friend.

Remember, you’re the emblem
of a land that’s proud and free.
A nation under God Himself…
So fly with dignity.”

And as Old Glory started down,
never again to fly;
She said, “God Bless America
and waived one last goodbye.

Ron Tranmer©

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