General Harry J. Collins The General of the Children

Harry J. Collins 1895 – 1963, was an American Army major general best known for his command of the 42nd Infantry Division (the Rainbow Division), which played a crucial role in blunting the German assault in the Battle of the Bulge and in the liberation of Dachau, and for his benevolent role in the occupation of Austria after the war.

This book presents a tribute to, and a biography of, General Collins, with particular emphasis on his role in World War II and in the occupation of Austria. It is based on the reminiscences of those who knew him and—uniquely— includes excerpts from the general’s own notes that he kept throughout the war, and afterwards when he returned to Austria.

General Collins was an outstanding member of a remarkable group of American commanders who helped to win World War II; unlike some of the more flamboyant commanders, he was largely forgotten until now.

Mike Chapman visited the general’s widow, Irene, in Salzburg several times, and she gave him the exclusive rights to the material in her husband’s diaries. We believe this is the first time it has been published.

You may purchase this book on Amazon or from the publisher, Royal Fireworks Press, links below.

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