I Honor Your Red, White and Blue Soldier Souls.

Five mighty soldier angels at attention.
Picture perfect.
Forever treasured in my lasting memories.
My hand raised up to salute each of you.
My red, white and blue heart bleeds out for the cowardly acts of murder done to each and every one of you.
Our five service men.
Taken before their time.
How could this tragedy have happened?
The unexpected that tries to rip apart America's lasting resolves.
I stand stronger and prouder in the name of what must be done.
None of you will be forgotten.
I make a promise to each and every one of you;
that you will be remembered always,
as America's patriotic flag continues to bravely soar beyond the days of me.
I will sing forever these words, 'America! Our America!'
I love you our soldier souls.
As I live on and so shall you.
You are our brave red, white and blue soldier souls.
Amen to the souls of the Chattanooga, Tennessee Servicemen.
I will love you all always, with my dying patriotic salute.
A salute that shall continue as apart of America's ongoing truths.

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