Memorial-Day Tribute

I wrote this poem in memory of the troops who have served our country in the past, and as well
for those who "die to themselves" to this day in serving the United States of America globally :

I live because you died.
I enjoy life because you fought.
I see the sun because you blitzed through fog
Not of strati.
I can breathe because you inhaled war
And exhaled victory.
I pray and say that I pray
For you
Because I cannot give you
An earthly craft.
As you lie in the ground,
Marked by stone and a flag,
I give you my time in silence
Because there’s nothing I can say
That can make up your life, your sacrifice, your time.
I talk by silence
Because I don’t want to disturb the peace
That you deserve and longed for
As you roamed a patriot,
But died a hero.

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