What better way to honor veterans than to make a country music video honoring them?

Country music stars have kept new and old soldiers near and dear to their hearts and dedications for decades.
And now a song and video by rising country singer Rosemarie, “Since You Let Me Go,” does just that!=
The video was filmed at the American Legion hall in Nashville, Tenn., with three WWII veterans watching in anticipation all 14 hours. They are STEVE HALE, TERRY BURDETTE and DON STOMBAUGH.
They were emotional watching us film the video, and I talked to them on each break about their reality of the war and their memories. There are WWII pictures of when they were young men on the walls of the hall.
To commemorate and give thanks - a celebration for those who defend our freedom - a special concert was performed by Rosemarie and Lee Greenwood at an all-day military tribute at the biggest fairgrounds in Tennessee, in Lebanon.
Who better than all-time favorite of the military Lee Greenwood, as the headliner, with Rosemarie opening up for him and singing her CMT video song, “Since You Let Me Go.” The show benefited “Operation Stand Down” in Tennessee.
The video keeps the audience’s attention with its fast action and drama of a short film which tells a story through time travel. It reminds us of the struggles and hardships of loved ones leaving their families and sweethearts to go to war. Sometimes for a very long time, and for others never to return.
The video starts out in present time as Rosemarie’s band is setting up for a show. As she turns and looks into the distance, she believes she sees her sweetheart from many years ago wearing his military suit from WWII.
She calls to him and runs frantically, calling for him to stop. As he proceeds down a hallway and out a door, he is gone. As she cautiously opens the door, she finds herself back in time in the 1940s during WWII. After 3 hours of makeup and hair design, the room and actors have transformed back in time and we see the sweethearts as they danced back in the day for the first time.
A tribute concludes. Thanks to the Greatest Generation for all you did for America!

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