No Tougher Duty, No Greater Honor

Chris has written a descriptive account of his time served in three tours in Iraq as a Mortuary Affairs Marine. From his earlier job, delivering mail for the post office, to dodging IEDs in Iraq. His sole job was to recover remains of the fallen soldiers, who he refers to as “Angels.” From sifting through sand, to disassembling a Bradley to find our lost and fallen. I have a much greater understanding of what our men and woman have done to help us have our freedom. I am eternally grateful for Chris and all who have served. An impeccable writing, a gift to the fallen. They will always be remembered. Thank you.

GYST L. Christian Bussler USMC (RET)

"something that has haunted and will always haunt me to the end of my days: black vinyl bags of nothing but a friend’s body parts, burnt torn pieces of camouflaged clothing, and destroyed gear”

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