Their Last Fight

Their Last Fight – Ted Hoffman, 7/8/18

This is their last fight. They are losing hope of reinforcements and supplies.
If they cannot hold their post a light now flickering may fail and die.

The light began to dim when all who had fought the Great War had passed on.
And soon those in the Greatest Generation will also all be gone.

Only a few remain who held the Red horde in the frozen North.
And those who gave their best in Viet Nam are growing old as back and forth

They strive to keep their post alive to welcome and help those who have survived
The brutal, confusing battles in the sand often surrounded by danger on all sides.

Their post and their efforts to serve those who have served are needed now as much as ever.
So that promises are kept, our soldiers treated with respect and remembered forever.

We must keep the light of our memory bright for those who finally held the Hun at bay.
And those who chose to strike back over Tokyo so far away.

Those who climbed the cliffs lined with guns at Omaha Beach.
They all showed the world that no threat to America is ever beyond our reach.

And they help soldiers from each new generation to also rise when America calls
Calls for them to defend her and her search for freedom and justice for all.

Can we count on you to reinforce this post and their fight?
Will you help to keep their light forever bright?

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