V is for Veteran who fought willingly in the war,

who put his country first and sacrificed much more.

E is for erect, the monuments tall

remind us of the deaths of those who gave it all.

T is for time, they will never get back

From the soldiers shouting “run” while the generals shout “attack.”

E is for eternity of how long they’ll be known

if we choose to recognize how much we’ve grown.

R is for responsibility, their duty to our nation

that people should honor no matter the occupation.

A is for altruism of which they had no doubt,

their courage and bravery which turned the wars about.

N is for no one who could match the pain they endured

the result our freedom which we were ensured.

S is for sacrifice of which only veterans understand

and of which they paid willingly for the freedom of this land.

[I am Joseph Fields' mother and I give permission to post his poem and picture. - Jerusha Fields]

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