Ain’t No Justice

Poetry by Robert Hubenthal

It seemed to me while in my youth
Life is not fair and that’s the truth
The rich the powerful the strong
Impose on weak and poor a wrong
A tank in World War Two I called
“Ain’t No Justice” I was told
You can’t do that change the name
There are rule to play the game
But fate stepped in another crew
Went in that tank to Italy go
And there a bomb five hundred weight
Destroyed that tank the crew of fate
And years of passing proved to me
There “Ain’t No Justice” here I see
And then I heard a wise man tell
Justice is just a principle
It’s not in truth reality
While in this world for man to see
But surely Justice must be served
A day of Judgment is reserved
When we shall stand before the bar
A scroll unrolled tell what we are
A bright remembrance of our guilt
The Scales of Justice will not tilt
Upon the final Judgment Day
When Lord the Judge of all will say
“Divide the Goats from our the Sheep…
The Sheep with Me I’ll surely keep…
All enter into joy with me
Who kept My law so faithfully.

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