The Patriot's Salute

‘Til the states, for one cause, through their nation’s eyes, discern unity
and in lines of fighters the flag waves
we shan’t seek what is known to an American citizen
as we each know and cherish in our hearts
for the hour that she of liberty
looks upon an uncertainty
for her people on the verge of war

We know democracy,
reform, and better history to reveal itself
We perceive this greatness of our own,
since we ought to show pride
from sea to shining sea
in the shining light of our country’s wonders
just as we stand for military glory
O’ Land of the Free

America, we’re so fortunate to live and speak
O’ democracy, for young and weak
with all

Thank thee, Lady Liberty,
for what thee may be
For each person it will differ, but all the same your beauty
is true
For you have served so we shall serve
which is right and just
For what thy torch lights
is a people called American
no matter what differs
And what thy torch ignites
is a spark, a pride, a dream
which is clear to all
Thy voice rings through each soul
Thank you, soldiers
Thank you, Lady Liberty

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