DEFY THE IMMEDIATE; A Journey of Failure, Perseverance, and Success (Foreward by Dick Enberg)

DEFY THE IMMEDIATE is an energizing and inspiring look at life lessons and the role perseverance plays in determining failure and success, seen through the lens of a military and professional career.

As a college journalist, T.R. Shaw saw opportunity as a U.S. Navy public affairs officer while President Ronald Reagan was building a 600-ship Navy. Challenged to “stay afloat” among peers with more talent, aptitude and experience, the journey became brutally competitive. He eventually left active duty and became a citizen-sailor.

Pursuing a dual career as a Navy reservist and funeral director, he faced systematic and professional challenges. He lost his father and business partner to a quick and unrelenting disease and realized life is short … that you must pursue your ambitions and talents while you can. He sold a profitable business, taking a risk few are willing to do, and learned from it.

Book is available online at Barnes & Noble;, and Good Reads.

196 pages
6 x 9 inches
ISBN: 978-1-950659-24-1(Softcover)

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