"$2 for $2 for Luck" A WWII Story

Meet Doug Chitwood as he uses his journalism degree to produce VA hospital newsletters stateside, winding up in Italy as medical administration. Go with little brother Gene when he quits high school to join the Army. Share his thoughts about trading his family for a tank crew while living in a foreign country as it was demolished all around them.

Learn about life back in the states and get to know the family and girlfriends they left behind. Their little brother Barney, gentle sister Gerry, seasoned backwoods father Mutt and the charming, dedicated mother Addie, who was forced to prepare herself to lose her sons.

The book is over 500 pages long, spiral bound for convenient handling and brought to you by a loving mother who thought to save her son's letters home during the war. All cursive letters are transcribed to print for easy reading without grammatical correction, in order to preserve their flavor and meaning. The book includes dozens of full-color pages, historical photographs, propaganda posters and educational articles to enhance their story.

Honor the men who sacrificed for their world by learning more about them as we commemorate their accomplishments 75 years later. Get a copy of this family-focused book. Help your children and grandchildren understand the facts so humanity won't repeat itself. Pre-sales with free shipping until the end of Victory month (May 2020). Pre-orders will ship on June 1. A donation of $5 from the sale of each book will be given to the USO (United Service Organization).

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