"Why Remember?" (a Memorial Day song)

Evil creates many veterans. Some never hear "thank you for your service," and some have dodged and suffered more evil bullets than they have heard kind words. Fortunately there is a greater reason to war against evil than to hear words. I wrote a song about that reason, arranged it for 12 different instruments, played all the parts, and posted it at https://youtu.be/4B26idE84j0. My regret is that I couldn't find better musicians. Here is part of the message:

Thank you for the flowers on my grave.
Thanks for caring what my dying gave you....
Your coming to visit twice a year is like a dream.
You ask why I am moved that much. Can't you see?
It's not to help me up here with self esteem!
It's not for me that I care! No, not for me!

Remember the blood shed for you!
Forget the cost, and what we died for may be lost!
Freedom has a price. Someone has to pay it....

Where evil strikes, you've got to take a stand,
even when it's not pure wrong raping a perfect land.
Had we quit, you'd be less free today.
With all our faults, God helped us drive evil away.

(Excerpts from verse 1 and 3 of "Why Remember?" posted at https://youtu.be/4B26idE84j0)

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