Sad Joys on Deployment

The book summarizes the experience of an orthopedic surgeon when he leaves his civilian practice 10 times to deploy with the Australian Defense Force to war zones, civil wars and humanitarian disasters. It contrasts the comforts of civilian surgery and the difficulties of military surgery. Surgical topics covered are the challenges and difficulties of military surgery in an unfriendly environment and with limited resources, the unique features of battlefield wounds and the treatment of devastating high velocity gunshot wounds and blast injuries. Should there be different treatment for friendly forces, enemy forces and local civilians? Personal impacts are discussed such as accommodation, meals, keeping healthy and travelling to the deployment and back. The book's title, "Sad Joys on Deployment," reflects the paradoxical emotions triggered by the good and the bad, the satisfying and the distressing. Relationships with friendly and unfriendly forces and those who help and those who resist added to the mixed experience. Returning home was good but it was not the same as before and adjustments were needed.
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