Mission Transition: Navigating the Opportunities and Obstacles to Your Post-Military Career

From the author of the best military-to-civilian guide ever written comes a series of video courses that breaks down the book Mission Transition into digestable bites to enable your future success outside of the military. You may find this series of 21 FREE video courses here:


Please help spread the word. Here is what some fellow veterans are saying about the book:

“Matt Louis has created the Ranger Handbook of military transition guides. This book provides a concise pathway for service members to translate the skills and character they developed and forged in the military, so they can adapt to a new life mission and personal purpose after career service.”
Geoff Davis, Retired Member of US Congress, Former US Army Ranger and Aviator, USMA Class of 1981

“I have read many transition guides and attended a host of transition seminars for military service members. All have value, but all fall short in some way. Matt Louis has captured the most important points of each of those experiences in one comprehensive guide. Mission Transition is thoughtful, well-researched, and extremely helpful not only to service men and women leaving the military, but for those veterans already in post-military careers who are seeking new opportunities.”
Guy C. Swan III, LTG, US Army (Ret.), Vice President of the Association of the United States Army (AUSA), former Commanding General of United States Army North (Fifth Army), and West Point Class of 1976

“As a veteran myself, I have long understood the many needs veterans have in making their transition from active duty. Mission Transition comprehensively addresses those needs in a practical manner and is a good book for our veterans leaving the military.”
Roger Staubach, Former Dallas Cowboy and Vietnam Veteran

“Mission Transition is not just a book, it is a life guide you’ll return to again and again throughout your transition from the military to civilian success. As a veteran services organization leader who’s assisted thousands of service members to a successful transition, I’ve never had a guide that covers all the bases. Mission Transition is easy to follow and is as applicable for a transition to New York City or a rural Midwest community. Mission Transition is a must-have guide for every government or non-government transition or training program.”
Jim Lorraine, CEO/President, America’s Warrior Partnership

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