Civil War to Space Force

Soon after the "War on Terror" started, Post 94 of Stevensville, Mont. erected a memorial wall honoring the local residents who were or had been serving on active duty. This last it year it was recognized by the post members that this memorial had deteriorated to the point of needing a major renovation.

Following several meetings and discussions over coffee, the post decided that rather than renovate the existing wall, a more permanent memorial monument should be built. This monument, built of concrete, granite and aluminum, finally became a reality.

This monument honors all Stevensville-area military personnel who have given their lives while on active duty. The first name is that of Isaac Ingalls Stevens, the first governor of the Territory of Washington which included what is now four or five states. Mr. Stevens who is the namesake for the town of Stevensville was killed during the Civil War. The monument includes the symbols of the six branches of the military including the new Space Force.

The included picture shows some of the Post 94 members at the new monument.

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