Into the Upper Country

1762. The Colonial frontier’s in turmoil as empires clash and Native American societies fight for their survival. After much bloodshed, the French have lost Canada and the Great Lakes to their ancient enemy, the British. Englishmen in powdered wigs, from drawing rooms hundreds of miles distant, now make decisions that inflame the frontier’s Indian inhabitants. Hostility seethes under the surface of the recent peace.
Amid this brewing tempest two brothers, Sam and William Avery, face a simple choice: starve slowly or enlist in the British army that marched their father to oblivion. They choose life, taking them to the wilds of the Upper Country.
The brothers’ relationship ebbs and flows as new ideas and new people come between them. The youngest Avery, William, finds love in a woman betrothed to another. Elder brother Sam, his goal only ever to keep William safe, finds himself stretched to the limit shielding his brother from harm.
A spark is all that’s needed to set the frontier aflame and bring the world down upon the Averys.

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