A hero's feet

Ocean Springs, MS

Veteran Patrick Hymel wrote the below poem to his son, Dr. Rene Hymel, as he began his medical career in a specialized field dealing with the study and care of the feet, podiatry, at a local veterans hospital. Rene was named after his grandfather Rene Piegts (see photo), who received the Bronze Star and Purple Heart in WWII with the 86th Chemical Mortar Battalion, logging over 300 days of combat. Campaigns: Ardennes-Alsace, Central Europe, Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland. Rene suffered from the effects of frozen feet throughout his life.

A Hero’s Feet
If a Hero’s feet had memories and these in detail told
They’d speak of the blood stained sands of Utah, Omaha and Gold

The fear when charging the enemy’s gun
Not knowing if they would be the one
To never again see family or nation
This they did without hesitation

They would tell of the painful day
They carried wounded brothers out of harm’s way
Then came the most painful of all
To see their brothers in battle fall

These old feet are now racked with pain
Never to see their youth again
They now depend on you for relief
So Dr. Ne’ give your best with heartfelt belief
That your care shows undying admiration
For America’s Greatest Generation

Author Patrick Hymel
Rene, just a reminder of the debt we owe these older guys!!!!

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