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Department of Florida Officers Welcomes Home SSGT Daniel Hays

Blanton-Thompson Post #155 - Crystal River, FL

SSGT Daniel Hays receives Warm Welcome from American Legion
Department of Florida Officers at American Legion Post 155!
On Friday, May 21, 2010 another Hero’s welcome was held at the Crystal River American Legion Post 155. Local veterans showed up to welcome back SSGT Daniel Hays home from the on-going fight on the Global War on Terrorism. A well-deserved heroes welcome was observed for this brave young man who recently returned home from a long tour of duty in Iraq.

It was more than an all-family and friends gathering as SSGT Daniel Hays was honored by numerous veterans from The American Legion Department of Florida, American Legion Post/Unit 155 & 225, VFW Post/Unit #4337, Fleet Reserve Association Branch/Unit 186, US Submariners Association, Citrus 40/8 Voiture/Cabane 1219, American Legion Riders Chapter 155 and Citrus County Veterans Coalition for an American Legion Post 155 family Fish fry in his honor as the 91st Citrus Country hero in more than two years was welcomed home.

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