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American Legion District 21

District 21 Department of California - Riverside County, CA

Fellow Comrades

We are glad to see that pages like this networking our members through out the country. The American Legion is on the move into the next generation of young members. We are thrilled to see this movement in the largest veterans organization in the world. Our District has recently posted our web site and is working on linking much information on this page to help veterans and their families out. We are also fighting issues that protect veterans from misuse of property and health care issues. Another fight we are involved in is the A.C.L.U trying to remove the Mt. Soledad cross and the Mojave Cross. A member of Post 79 in our District is the Founder of this movement Rees Lloyd a civil rights attorney that has invested hundreds of hours (pro bono) in fighting this case. We are proud to say that he believes in the American Legion programs and will fight to keep the rights of veterans alive.

For God and Country
District 21 Commander Robert Sigala
Department of California

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