members in front of Post 4


The best post

Post 4 - Olongapo City, OT

The best post is Post 4 in Olongapo City, Philippines. We are a small post, but the most friendly post. We welcome everyone, vets and non-vets. We help the town and the kids here. We are in a small buiding that is falling down because of age and in need of help, any kind of help. We are trying our best; the biggest thing is our roof. Every time it rains it leaks and has water falls everywhere inside. If we can get help on raising the money to fix it that would be great. We hold our meetings and POW/MIA day and a Christmas party for all the kids there. If it rains at the same time we move it to the food hall which is lots smaller. So if you have ever been through
Subic Bay, you may have been in our building, and we are trying to put her back like the good old days. If anyone out there would like more info, please let me know.

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