July 1946, 1st Marine Division, 1st Medical Division Hospital

Ontario, OH

Over 300 Navy medical doctors, dentists and corpsmen were sent to town in China on the yellow sea after Japan surrendered. We were to take the
troops and people back to Japan. I passed my phm3/c exam and worked in the hospital laboratory doing the tests needed for patients. The doctor in charge of the lab liked my work and asked for my high school transcript to Akron Garfield in Akron, Ohio. when it arrived he informed me that I was going to college on the GI Bill. My acceptance at Ohio University came to China in July 1946. I was moved several times and got to Great Lakes Naval Station for discharge in time to get to college on time. Graduation came after three years by going to two summer schools. I retired in 1988 and am 92 now. Life has been good to me; with God's help my taxes have helped to pay back the cost of educating me and a wife of 67 years.

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