Newark, OH

My dad (Robert L. Mellars) unfortunately passed away Sept. 28. He was 92 years young. He was an Army/Air Corps veteran of Korea, always proud of his service and that of all of his siblings (4 brothers and 2 sisters) serving in the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Corps) his daughter in the Coast Guard...grandson in the Navy, another grandson in the Marines. A great-grandson in the Air Force, a son-in-law in the Navy....a niece, several nephews (one served 30 years and at least 2 are still serving at distinguished levels.)
He carried the Olympic torch through Columbus, Ohio, and was selected based on his patriotism.
Last Memorial Day he was featured on Channel 10 News Columbus, again for his patriotism: lining the street with American flags, playing all the military marches on his record player. This past September he was recognized at the hospital and he took us all on a trip down memory lane of those days he was drafted, assigned to Seattle, promoted to sergeant. We videoed it; even while his body was failing his mind was still so sharp, as if he were 18 again. He never complained, but speaking about it was difficult for him. He never realized until he got older what his parents must have endured knowing all 7 of their children were serving overseas. Only 2 of them remain now, the older brother and the younger sister.
I am proud of him, and in my mourning I get strength from the way he and my mom raised me: proud, hardworking, generous, dependable.
HE WAS AN AMERICAN SOLDIER and I am his proud daughter, and just wanted to share.

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