Ness brothers serve American Legion combined 110 years

Camp Douglas, WI

Claire Ness was recently honored by Earl Gulligan American Legion Post 133 in Camp Douglas, Wis., for being an active member of the Legion for over 60 years. Commander Everett T. Burdick presented Claire with a plaque honoring his 60 years as a member of Post 133. Claire served in the Army from 1953-1955, during the Korean War era. He was stationed with the 82nd Airborne Division at Ft Bragg, North Carolina. Returning home, Claire joined the National Guard and was in the Guard Red Arrow Division when they were activated and sent to Ft Lewis, Washington. Serving 41 years in the National Guard, Claire retired in 1990. When asked why he became a soldier, Claire replied, "It was the right thing to do. It was my duty to serve my country."
Claire's brother, Marlan Ness, was also honored in June 2017 for his 50-year membership by Post 133. Marlan, now deceased, was also in the US Army serving 2 years active duty with the 4th Division. Like his brother, he joined the National Guard. When the local unit was activated, the brothers served together at Ft. Lewis with the 32nd Red Arrow Division.

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