Post 229 Auxiliary Adopts Troops in Iraq, Afghanistan

Utica Post 229 - Utica, NY

Soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan are in the hearts and minds of Utica Post 229 members. The Post Auxiliary took it a step further and adopted a platoon of 43 soldiers, both men and women, and then, more recently, another platoon of 33 soldiers, reports Auxiliary Secretary Rosetta LaPaglia.

The Auxiliary recently shipped “16 comfort boxes filled with much-needed and requested items.”

LaPaglia elaborates:

“Our soldiers received sun block, hand sanitizers, lip balm, handiwipes, toothpaste, foot powder, cotton socks, movies, magazines and dozens of books; games such as Yahtzee, playing cards, darts, checkers, chess, and more. We’ve sent greeting and thank-you cards and writing paper. Sports equipment included basketballs and baseballs, bats, gloves and footballs.

“Food items such as pasta and packaged sauces, soups, candy, pepperoni sticks, beef jerky, crackers, chips and more were sent.

“Our ladies baked 25-30 dozen cookies and Rice Krispie treats, and sent several more dozens of purchased cookies.

“Our ladies helped with shopping, and packed many boxes, and our National Security chair Pat Dodge has worked tirelessly shopping, organizing boxes, carrying them home to complete the packing, and taking them to the post office for shipment. She has written several letters and emails to ensure our packages reached their destination.

“Our post’s Legionnaires have been extremely generous in this endeavor, proving money for postage and for purchasing items.

“Our troops are very thankful for our support. They have written letters, sent us pictures, and are keeping us informed of their duties. Sadly, we received one letter informing us of the death of one of ‘our boys’, and prayers are being said. It has been an honor and a privilege to have a small part in providing some comfort to our men and women who are making this great sacrifice for us.”

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