American Legion Post 299 - Saving Lady Liberty on Mackinac Island

American Legion Post 299 - Mackinac Island, MI

On May 28th, 1950 the Statue of Liberty replica was dedicated on Mackinac Island. This replica was 1 of 200 placed in 39 states around the country. The idea of Boys Scouts of America in Kansas City, Jack Whitaker, Scout Commissioner at the time, called the crusade to “Strengthen the Arm of Liberty”. No one knows why the Island was chosen, although speculation is because of the work the Scouts performed at Fort Mackinac.

For 62 years Lady Liberty has stood tall in the high winds, rain, deep snows, and all of Mother Nature’s fury, the weather has taken its toll. Her seams are cracking, the spikes on her crown have worn off, her color has faded, and she has suffered dings and dents over the years.

As part of the Mackinac Island community and as an Americanism project for the Post we decided to help bring back the glory of the islands Lady Liberty. The project is well on its way; she has been carefully removed from the island and sent to the city of Detroit for restoration. Upon her return in 2013, when our fund raising efforts have been completed we wish to move the statue to a more prominent location on the island for all to see.

The Statue of Liberty in New York harbor is the symbol of freedom and opportunity. Immigrants who came from the “Old World” saw the torch as a light to a new world, a new life. Doughboys of WW1 and service members from WWII returning from Europe on ships say it as being home. Seeing images of Lady Liberty reminds us of “Freedom and Opportunity” and promotes 100% Americanism.

We are in the process of raising $61,000 for the project and would ask if you would donate to help in this endeavor. Please send your donation to American Legion Post 299, PO Box 1518, Mackinac Island, MI 49757, Attn: Liberty Project

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