My service with the U.S. Army

North Richland Hills, TX

I entered active duty service with the U.S. Army in April 1980 at Fort McClellan, Ala., for basic training and MP school (mos 95B). My first duty station was at Fort Hood, Texas, with the 545th MP Co, 1st CAV DIV. Some of us deployed to Fort Chaffee, Ark., to participate in the Cuban resettlement program when Castro sent refugees (Mariel boatlift). My second duty station was at Butzbach and Baumholder, Germany, with B Btry, 3/59th ADA, 32nd AADCOM as an MP performing physical security duties on a HAWK missile site. I left active duty in March 1983. I joined the Army Reserves in 1989 and was assigned to the 302nd MP CO in Fort Worth, Texas. The unit was activated for Desert Shield/Desert Storm in 1990-1991. During my time with the 302nd I also went to Honduras and Guatemala on two-week stints providing security for engineers building roads and schools. In 1995 i joined the 425th MP Det (CID) and completed all training for the MOS 95D (CID agent). I went through WOCS at Fort Rucker, Ala., and became a warrant officer (mos 311A). I deployed to Kosovo in Nov 2002-May 2003 as a supervisory CID agent. I deployed to Iraq in Dec 2004-Dec 2005 as a supervisory CID agent. I retired from the Army Reserve in 2006 as a CW3 with 20 good years. I treasure my years with the Army and the camaraderie with all I served with. I deeply appreciate my family's sacrifices made during the times I was gone. They have also endured my career as a police officer with the Fort Worth Police Department for over 28 years, and now as a deputy marshal with the North Richland Hills Marshals Office (under the Municipal Court).

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