Brigadier General, US Army, Retired


Continuing to Serve at 62 and beyond

Dubuque, IA

I am fortunate to have served over 35 years in the Air Force, Army, and National Guard. Enlisting in the Air NG 125th FIG Jacksonville, FL, they sent me to basic in Texas and tech school in Colorado before returning to work on F106's in Florida. Walking through a mall one day in 1977, there was a recruiting stand that saw me with short hair and they asked me to join the Guard. I told them I was in after they said I could fly helicopters with only a high school degree. When I was signing into the Army NG they asked what my parents did. I told them my father was a Navy Commander and they said I could be an officer with only a high school degree. Two years later, I had completed Officer Candidate School at Infantry School, Ft Benning. I went onto Officer Rotary Wing Aviator School at Ft Rucker, AL and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant. I served in Florida NG, Iowa NG, and active Army the next 33 years with commands at company, battalion, and brigade. I was fortunate enough to achieve the rank of Brigadier General and retired on Halloween Day 2010 before returning to real estate and photography in Iowa. My career allowed me to be proficient in philanthropic endeavors in support of the Boy Scouts, American Legion, VFW, DAV, museums, festivals, mental health, Hibernians, the arts, and so many more. In 2018, I am the Commander of American Legion Dubuque Post #6 during our Centennial Year. PROUD TO CONTINUE SERVING our nation. HOOAH!

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