Commander Carmen Rosario presenting the Cuchi Coll Post of the Year 2023 Award to Post 67, Rincon.


Post 67 (Rincon, PR) achievements of excellence recognized at 2023 American Legion annual conference in Puerto Rico

Rincon, PR, OT

After a year of hard work and sacrifice, Post 67 of Rincon, PR, was duly recognized at the 2023 American Legion annual conference in Puerto Rico on Sunday, June 11, 2023, for excelling at rendering services to veterans, family members and the community. The post leadership submitted proof of their accomplishments by supplying written news articles and Legiontown publications, documents and photos, collected throughout the years 2022-2023. This competition submission, places Post 67 in the lead, winning six (6) awards: Commander of the Year 2003, Legionnaire of the Year 2023, Cuchi Coll Post of Year 2023, Post Excellence of 2023, Post Membership Retention of 2023/ with 100% Honor Ribbon, and National Commander Recruitment Award of 2023.

These awards are designed to identify posts and individual performances during the year, while representing the four pillars of The American Legion: Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation, National Security, Americanism, and Children & Youth. American Legion Post 67 leadership and members are proud to have focused on these four pillars, which contributed to their success in 2023.

Written by Carlos Bonet, Post 67 commander
Reviewed by Marilyn Melendez Dykman, adjutant

Rosario presenting the National Commander Post Excellence Award to Post 67.

Left to right: Marilyn Dykman (adjutant), Carlos Bonet (commander), Carlos Vargas (vice commander).

Post 67's 2023 awards.
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