War Memorial Post 30 (Camden, Maine) Buddy Checks

Camden, ME

In January 2020, Post 30 conducted its first ever Buddy Checks, which included both our members and the widows of those who had passed in the previous year. Up front there were some in the post who said that members did not want to be bothered with this type of thing, they probably had better things to do. Not letting that talk stand in our way, we conducted the first-ever checks after our community pancake breakfast and the results were off-the-chart wonderful.

One member who was sort of wondering if the checks would be worth it was the first to say he was wrong and that every single member he spoke with thought this was a great thing for Post 30 to do and thanked him profusely for the check.

As others completed their calls the reactions were the same over and over again. The thank-yous and gratitude were flowing in every direction. Our widows, or as we like to call them, our Special Ladies, were also very grateful for the post checking on them.

The checks work! It's hard to imagine but we found out that one of our members had actually been living at the Togus VA center in Augusta for 3 years! It seems his daughter answered the phone when we called and filled us in on his particulars. No one in the post had any idea! Through the checks we also found out that another member was down and out with a medical issue. Needless to say, our chaplain and service officer were contacted on both these brothers and comrades, and both have been visited and will have an eye on him going forward.

Don't hesitate - if you have not conducted one of these checks, get it scheduled ASAP. It is worth the time and effort, and don't forget your post's special ladies either!

We have made the decision that we will complete Buddy Checks at least 3 times a year, and look forward to doing the next one.

Yours in Continued Service,
Jeff Sukeforth, USAF Retired
War Memorial Post 30 - Adjutant
Maine District 6 - Adjutant

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