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Member of Post 100 receives handicapped van for Thanksgiving

Royse City, TX

About 4 years ago Gary Wilkins, who is a life member of Royse City Post 100, was involved in a serious motorcycle accident that nearly killed him. He was in a coma for months but eventually recovered. But after going through rehab Gary developed a serious infection in his leg that required an amputation. For the last two years the Royse City post has been fighting to get Gary a vehicle that would allow him to drive. Because his accident wasn't service-connected, the VA claims were denied. After the denials the post assisted him in a Gofundme campaign that raised $2,300. After he got a vehicle he still had to get VA to pay for the outfitting of the vehicle. The post paid $2,000 toward the shipping and remaining that VA didn't cover, and then on 11/21/2018 when the vehicle arrived they gave the remaining $300 to help pay for gas and insurance on the vehicle. This is the culmination of two years of work that have seen multiple people spend hundreds of hours of work to accomplish. "It's been a long road for Gary," said Post Commander Shawn Masters. "There have been lots of ups and downs but all through it Gary has kept a hopeful heart. Now that he has received the vehicle he is speechless." The post is so happy for Gary who has basically been homebound for two-plus years. Now he gets to complete "honey do" lists with the rest of us.

Jason Castleberry presenting a check for $300 to Gary Wilkins

The Van
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