House for homeless female veteran

Parma, OH

"Ride With Valor" 501(c)(3) is rehabbing a house in Cleveland, to be awarded to a homeless female veteran and her immediate family. Last year American Legion Charities (13th District) donated $10K to get this project off the ground. The house should be completed by the end of August 2020. We could use more volunteers to work on this project. Lots of work yet to do: landscaping, painting, etc.

This will be the first of its kind to be awarded to a homeless female veteran in Cuyahoga County, and maybe in all of Ohio. Scot Rhoda and Wayne Malz (American Legion Post 703 service officer) targeted female veterans, because they are overlooked and need help too. Many times females are left with the children, while the guy skips out. The number of females in the military has grown, so it stands to reason the number requiring help is greater, too. With COVID-19, many centers that help these women are closed. Helping these gals and their immediate family is a "big deal."

This is a truly worthy project where veterans are helping veterans. We hope this is the first house of many to come.

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