Cars 4 Vets: retired Air Force veteran starts veterans charity in Michigan

Yale, MI

Welcome to Cars 4 Vets!
Founder MSgt (ret.) Mark Rebeaud is a decorated 24-year veteran of three services, the Army, Air Force and MIANG. He retired from the 127th Communications Squadron, Selfridge ANGB in Michigan, and is a member of American Legion Post 225.

After surviving a serious bout with COVID-19, I came to the realization that tomorrow is not guaranteed and decided to make my vision to build and donate vehicles to veterans in need a reality. After being released from the hospital in March 2021, while still recovering, I asked around locally about a possible veteran in need.
A local Marine Motorcycle Club provided a lead on the first recipient, a Marine LCpl who was recently hired by a local contractor but had no money and no way to get to his newfound employment opportunity.
With this in mind I built the first donation vehicle, which was donated in April to this veteran.
I've had a few volunteers help along the way, and as of Sept. 17, 2021, we have donated 12 vehicles to Michigan veterans in need.
Feel free to follow our progress at Cars4vetsmi as we make our dream a reality.

Sept. 11 giveaway at Yale, Mich.
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