Post Commander Dave Stein, with Rotary representative Leigh Ann Poland, greets guests.


Devotion to mutual helpfulness

Fredericksburg , VA

During the recent government shutdown, Post 290 (Stafford, Va.) Commander Dave Stein, (Past DPC Virginia), following recommendations from post members, decided to assist our distressed American brothers and sisters who were furloughed from their jobs. With all on board, a dinner was planned for Jan. 24, 2019, at our new post headquarters. Over 60 volunteers cleaned, decorated and prepared food for our guests. Help came in the form of other organizations that donated their time and funds to show their appreciation to the hard-working citizens who now needed a friend. While there were over a dozen organizations, one that stands out is the Rotary Club of Stafford. The post, under the direction of Commander Stein, had previously worked with Rotary on a program called REVIVE OPIOID OVERDOSEAND NALOXONE EDUCATION FOR VIRGINIA.

The dinner was a huge success, and was featured on Page 1 of THE FREELANCE STAR NEWS PAPER, with a circulation over 1 million. Commander Stein, on speaking to the press and guests, said he was elated with the results and praised chairman Rick Schultz for his efforts. The commander also stated that in the future, the post would encourage working with esteemed organizations as the Rotary for the good of the community.

Newspaper headline-FAITH IN HUMANITY.

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