Eighteen with a Bullet

This is my autobiography. It took me eight years of research and writing to write the 564 pages.

I describe in detail my bizarre childhood, describe in graphic detail the many battles I fought in against the Vietcong and North Vietnamese, which resulted in the death or wounding of 90% of my Company.

I describe the trauma of coming home to a hostile or indifferent America, and the onset of PTSD 12 years later.

I describe all the methods I used to overcome PTSD, including self-help psychology, counseling, and medications to control the depression and anxiety so I could support my family.

I delve into the history of Vietnam and the circumstances that led up to our involvement there.

I write about some of the highlights of traveling to forty-four countries in the past 55 years, and how therapeutic traveling can be.

My story is meant to be helpful to any veteran who is still struggling with the awful effects of war.

If I can help just one veteran to enjoy a better quality of life, all the work will have been worth it.

Please give it a try.

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