Vietnam War

Crawling through the forest floor,
looking through the trees
Everything, everywhere,
Trying to kill me.

looking at the enemy
Square in the eye,
Ready to shoot
At the right time.

Ready to escape,
With all my friends,
Ready to go home,
Before the year ends.

Through the bars,
Out the door,
Down to find,
The forest floor.

When I'm done,
With my quest,
I go to the jet,
to find my rest.

On the way home,
The floor rumbles,
So I fall off my bed,
With a tumble.

With a shout,
I wake up,
To the captain,
landing us.

We got off the jet,
With a hurry,
But loud noises scare us,
So we get down, everyone scurries.

When we get home,
The wives sleeping in bed,
We head to sleep,
To rest our heads.

--By Josie Fuller

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