Volunteers Rebecca and Stella with Dan in the garden.


Flowers for vets and the sick

Batesville, IN

Tom Renck of Batesville American Legion Post 271 has a unique opportunity to help a friend with a mission to bring joy to veterans and the sick. Tom has been making flower deliveries and helping to raise funds for a wonderful cause.
For Dan Druffel, retirement is not sitting and watching TV or playing golf every day. The former owner of Double D Plant Ranch and Dan Druffel Design and Landscape in Cincinnati is putting his plant-growing expertise to a great cause.
Dan was able to obtain vacant lots in the East Walnut Hills area of Cincinnati. With the help of some of his landscape connections that donated support and materials, the space was transformed into a spectacular cut-flower garden.
Now he and a volunteer staff maintain the garden, buy vases, cut and arrange the flowers, and deliver them to local nursing homes, the VA, children's and other local hospitals.
In 2019 approximately 1,500 cut-flower vases were distributed during the growing season. More facilities have been added this year and plans to expand the garden are in place to meet the current demands.
Dan said he started this project to "spread joy." What better way to "spread joy" than to bring the beauty of flowers to adults and children unable to get out to enjoy nature? Not only do the patients love the flowers, but we are getting rave reviews from staff members too!
If you are interested in volunteering your time, resources or learning more contact Dan at:
Druffel Gardens
3457 Whitfeild Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45220

Vases ready for delivery.

Dan cutting flowers for volunteers to prepare for delivery to the VA hospital.

Mission statement and donors that helped create the garden.
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