Seasonal high-tunnel system

Waterloo, IA

On July 29, 2022, the United States Agricultural Department in conjunction with American Legion Post 138 of Waterloo, Iowa, Habitat for Humanity, Blackhawk County Veterans Affairs, Lowes, the Antioch Baptist Church, other organizations and approximately 85 volunteers met at a donated piece of property and began building this high-tunnel system for raising gardens and supplying the needs of people in need of fresh produce. The produce also will go to the food bank and the farmers market. All of the materials, land, tools and labor were given voluntarily.
James Bunch (a retired USDA employee) contacted The American Legion and asked if we would be interested in helping with this project, and it just grew from there with everyone we contacted being enthusiastic to join in and help. This has turned out to be such a worthwhile project to help bring our community together and shine a light on what is good and helpful instead of all of the negative we always hear. The volunteers came from all walks of life, and I'm proud to say that we had veterans from several organizations as well as some active-duty personnel. I'm afraid that there too many to accurately mention and I would surely forget some.
You can follow the construction of the high-tunnel system (greenhouse) on you tube@ https://youtube/uubyawy7M74. Bunch is currently working with The American Legion nationally and the USDA to hopefully continue this project into a national event. They are looking at possibly erecting 1,000 of these units nationwide.

Mike Hudson
Commander Post 138

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