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"A History Making Servant Leader, still Serving"

Dallas, TX

Legionnaire Tynetta W. Runnels has been a community advocate / stakeholder in Dallas, Texas since 2003, when she was medically discharged from the Army. As a PROUD female disabled Army veteran, she has been on the civilian battlegrounds fighting for HIV, substance abuse and advocacy with education and prevention messages throughout the DFW Metroplex and beyond; as well as ensuring qualified veterans are enrolled with the VA Administration for healthcare and entitled benefits.

In 2015, she joined the American Legion, and it's Auxiliary. She is the youngest and only female veteran member at American Legion Post 511, in Dallas, Tx.
April 2019, Tynetta made history by being the first female ever to have been nominated as Commander of her Post, which she felt was an absolute honor to have just been nominated. She wasn't elected as Commander, however, she gained an even more esteemed position; the same evening she was nominated and unanimously elected as the Judge Advocate, which was another history marker and her being the first.

Since then, Ms. Runnels continues advocating on behalf of her Post, focusing on community collaborations, VA/Rehabilitation, Children & Youth. She led the way and was instrumental in gaining a large partnership with the Dallas Area Rapid Transit System (DART). This collaboration was established to assist veterans in becoming gainfully employed by DART. The Employment Fair(s) will kick off latter July 2019.
As the newly elected Judge Advocate of Post 511 strives for the betterment of the Post, fulfilling the mission and 4 Pillars of the American Legion, and supporting the veteran community-at-large, her efforts are not going unnoticed. On June 9th she was recognized by Tx-American Legion Dstrict Officers during their District meeting and was appointed to Chair the Constitution and By-Laws Committee for American Legion - Texas 5th District. The Department Convention will convene July 11th-14th in Irving, Texas.

Legionnaire Tynetta W. Runnels will be installed as the first Female Judge Advocate of Post 511 on June 20, 2019 at 6 p.m. at Post 511 in Dallas, Texas.
We, the family, loved ones, comrades and friends wishes her the very best during this tenure and will continue to support her as she continues to live her quoted motto, “I'm just a Servant Leader, Serving.”
~Family-Comrades-Loved Ones~

History Making "Servant Leader, still Serving"
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