LOVELY Fort Polk!

It was December, 1967. The mosquitoes were so big, they had landing lights.
I remember one rainy day at the rifle range. I assumed "a good, prone firing position" two inches of water. We had a deluge of rain! It was cold, and it was miserable.
After what seemed a soaking eternity, we had a break for lunch. I stood, quaking in line, my "mess kit" at the ready. Today's menu: "Mystery Meat", peas, and mashed potatoes. It wasn't Mom's cooking but at that moment, it looked pretty good!
I passed through the line and exited the mess tent; only to be caught by a solid river of water cascading from the top of the tent. The river came straight down on my mess kit and in an instant, washed away my lunch.
"You're in the Army now; welcome to Fort Polk!"

Kenneth B. Henderson, New Braunfels, Texas

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