Basic training at Fort Gordon, Ga., August 1964, at Co. E-5-2 Echo Eagles

I joined the Alabama National Guard in March 1964. I left July 31, 1964, for my training, I went to Montgomery, Ala., for a day or so, and then we were bused to Fort Jackson, S.C., for Reception Center. We were then sent to Fort Gordon, Ga., for basic training.
I read a story about ''A STICKY SITUATION AT BASIC TRAINING IN FORT GORDON GEORGIA," I remember that incident well, I was on the bus, have never forgotten that incident. Cary Grant told the story about the Sticky Situation, chewing gum up the nose.
I also remember when we drew our weapons, one guy came running around the corner and hollered out, where do the guys with the guns go? One of the sergeants heard him, had him standing there holding his rifle with one hand and his p------ with the other, saying this is my rifle and this is my gun, this is for fighting and this is for fun - never forgot that.
I remember some of the cadre, we had SFC Virginious Williams for a field first sergeant. Sgt. Burgo was 1st platoon sergeant., we had Sgt. Pabon. I was in the 3rd platoon; SFC Thorn was our platoon sergeant.
This brought back old memories. I remember several of the guys in my platoon: Franklin Mc Carol, Dumas Reese, Cherry Payne, Jerry Shirley and several more.

James R. Mitchell

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