Oldest member in Allen "Pop" Reeves American Legion Post 123 turns 100

Angeles City, Philippines, OT

On the afternoon of Jan. 13, 2023, Charles A. Conners, commander of Allen "Pop" Reeves American Legion Post 123, and Larry Wade, Department of the Philippines second vice commander/Post 123 adjutant, brought a birthday cake and paid a visit to the oldest member in Post 123, Alfredo B. Jimenea. Alfredo’s nickname is Rudy, and he turned 100 on Jan. 12. Born in the year 1923, Rudy, a retired major in the Philippine Air Force, was sharp as a tack. Conners and Wade thoroughly enjoyed their visit with Rudy. Conners asked Rudy for one of his secrets for such a long life. Rudy replied that he has been blessed by God and never expected to live this long, and then added he also drinks a bottle of Red Horse beer before he goes to bed every night, so he can get a good night's sleep of eight hours.

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